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Discussion 2.1 The freedom of speech as drawn out in the First Amendment has been critical towards ensuring that people have the ability to express some of the views that they hold. It acknowledges that people have the liberty to bring about some of the personal ideas that they have. In spite of the case, there does exist some limits to freedom of speech, especially, where they appear to infringe upon the rights of others. The limits to freedom of speech are justified. They help to ensure that as people go on to exercise their rights, they do not jeopardize that of others. For instance, people have the duty to refrain from hurting the feelings of others. They need to be considerate and sensitive enough. People also have the duty to ensure that they respect the right to privacy that others also enjoy. As a result, they need to refrain from providing personal information regarding others without their consent. Such an action would only be tantamount to breaching upon the freedoms that are also borne by others. There is also the view that the case of limits to the freedom of speech may not be justifiable. The confines accorded in the First Amendment gave people the right to say and express themselves in the way they felt fit. Hence, such people should not be limited by some elements of the said rights that are borne by others. Doing so would only provide a chance for the government to take advantage and further prevent them from exercising the rights and privileges that they deserve. Therefore such people would, fail to express themselves comfortably. Everyone should be allowed to enjoy the freedom of

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