Environmental Factors that Affect Intellectual Levels

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Environmental Factors that Affect Intellectual Levels Diet and socioeconomic status are some of the external factors that are thought to affect intellectual levels. These two factors have been subjected to numerous studies, with a general conclusion that sufficient nutrition is good for the development of a child’s intellectual level, and that a child brought up in well to do family would be more intelligent than a peer brought up in a poor family. How socioeconomic statuses act as a catalyst in defining an intellectual level is still subject to more research, but the role of a balanced diet in the development of the brain, which has perhaps been documented by neuropsychologists. The twin experiment was an observation environmental factors influence intellectual levels in individuals who are genetically close. Obviously, one who grows up in a high a family with a high socioeconomic status is bound to access nutritionally richer food compared to the other in a family with a low socioeconomic status. This paper describes how these two factors play their roles in defining the intellectual levels of individuals. Environmental Factors that Affect Intellectual Levels Socio-economic status is thought to affect intellectual levels. The research has continually confirmed that infants from high socioeconomic status shall develop higher intellectual levels when compared to their counterparts from low statuses. Oakley (2004) refers to the research that had concentrated on the differences in languages between the two socioeconomic groups. The research revealed that while children from low socioeconomic families lack abstract concepts, which affect their ability to process

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