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Student’s Name Professor’s Name Course Date Steps to problem-solving Student 1: (noisily) I will switch off these lights; my eyes are itching. Will strike over this soon! Teacher: (establish a warm relationship) Hey, Ali how are you over there? Is there any problem? Student: I have a problem with my eyes, and I can't tolerate all these lights. It irritates my eyes. Student 2: (loudly) I also have the same problem, teacher. Teacher: (politely dealing with the behavior) Okay, I understand, I also once had that same problem with my eyes when I was young. But you know you need to interrupt gently especially that you see learning is going on. Student: (noisily and rudely) How? I feel bad. Teacher: (making a value judgment) Ok, sorry I… Student 1: (interrupting) I cannot read well. This is unfair. Teacher: I will see the way forward as from tomorrow because if we now switch the lights off, the classroom will be dark and you won't see what I am writing on the board. Teacher: (working out a plan) so let's move to the other room because there is light there and so we can switch off the lights and continue with learning. And by the way, you will get used to it in the long run. Teacher: (next day. commitment) how was the rest of the day after my class yesterday? Did you continue in the same classroom we had changed our venue too? Student 1: (jovially) yes but we need consideration for this problem otherwise… (Frowns) Teacher: (follow up) I will push for better lighting of all classrooms in the school. I will talk to the head teacher today concerning the issue. Of course, though we take it easy ignorantly, it does affect the performance in the

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