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The Meeting Place Name Institution Affiliation Abstract Teenagers are normally at risk of going astray in the event they are not engaged responsibly. It is necessary to guide them into making better decisions, developing leadership skills, having good health and being socially responsible. “The Meeting Place” is an example of a community program that seeks to help address some issues of teenagers. It seeks to after-school activities to inner city youth ages 12 to 18. It is a youth center which is located in an urban business district where teens can meet, interact and engage in various activities. The center is ideal for this program because it is either walking distance or on the bus line that is near the teens’ home, schools, and other community resources. The community program seeks to provide experiential activities which are not just about games, the vital aspect of this lie on the thoughtful reflections guided by adults who are trained in the process. KEYWORDS: Experiential learning, leadership skills, inner-city youths, Teenagers Vision, Mission, objective, and outcome It is often said that young people are the future leaders of this world. One way that a community can become great is for people to address the issues among the youth collectively. “The Meeting Place” is a community program that offers after-school activities to inner city youth ages 12 to 18. The vision of this community program is to empower the youth through recreational, academic and social activities. The mission of this program is to provide opportunities that help teens succeed in academics, obtain health and well-being, and develop leadership skills. The

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