Discuss health and longevity secrets of the Abkasia

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Name: Instructor: Course: Date: Health and longevity secrets of the Abkasia According to Abkhazia, growth only stops when people are already old. These are secrets to longevity according to this group of people. This community of South Russia had many centenarians and hence referred to as the world’s longevity capital. Shirali Muslimov was a 161-years-old man, which proves the longevity in Abkhasia. Osteoporosis is absent in the community. Moreover, they lack fractures among the elderly in the society. The members of this community use natural resources in their purest forms, (Robbins, 7). For example, it is impossible to compare someone who drinks and showers with river water to one who drinks and showers with processed water. Processed items remove several natural minerals that are useful in their bodies. It is seen that the old men in Abkhazia stay physically fit by being active. For example, the old man, Markhti climbed down and up a slope with the researchers. Being physically active is instrumental in staying healthy and strong at all times. Another secret of a long health lies in the diet. People who eat natural food in their purest of forms have fewer risks of eating contaminated foods. Processed foods have the disadvantages of not having enough minerals that are usefulfor the body. It is a very important secret in staying healthy and countering diseases. For example, matzoni is a fermented beverage made of the milk of various domestic animals such as goats and sheep and is taken regularly, (Robbins, 18). Lacto-vegetarian is also another regular diet of these people. Foods that do not have excess fats are not a part of the servings for these people.

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