Discuss barriers to healthcare access for clients from various culture.

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Barriers to Healthcare Access for Clients from Various Cultures Student’s Name Institutional Affiliation Abstract Notwithstanding the advances achieved in the medical field over the past decades, there are persistent threats in the public health sector in the United States (US). The US citizens face multiple health challenges, including but not limited to increasing costs, a shortage in the healthcare workforce and unrelenting disparities, particularly among ethnic and racial minorities. Presently, it is appreciated that factors that promote health lie outside of a healthcare setting, and are termed as social determinants of health (SDH). SDH includes factor such as decent housing, and access to healthy foods and a quality education. Nonetheless, racial and ethnic minorities continue to experience adverse SDH and disproportionate representation among the uninsured. This paper proposes a rationale for overcoming health disparities resulting from diversity. The paper describes briefly three approaches to addressing this issue. These three are: (1) improving cultural competence within the workforce; (2) promote diversification, and; (3) employ the use of community-based health models. Keywords: health disparities, cultural competence, diversification, community-based Cultural Diversity: A Barrier to Healthcare Access? The discussions in this paper aim at identifying evidence-based practices that address ethnic and racial disparities in healthcare to improve health outcomes. Jackson and Gracia (2014) acknowledge the severity of disparities in the US public health sector, particularly those based on cultural diversity. The authors argue that the best approach to

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