Discriminatory Commercial.

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Discriminatory Commercial Stephanie Estess English 112/Cross "Blacks and Asians" February 14th, 2018 Discriminatory Commercial The commercial “If you don’t vote you take the color out of Britain” is a commercial which was developed by the British black community and published in the Lewisham News Shopper newspaper. The Black community is a not for profit organization which depends on volunteers and sponsors for capital. It has people from different walks of life; employed, youths, elderly, religions, ethnic groups and others as its members (Operation Black Vote 1). The community developed the commercial which was aimed to sensitize people about the importance of voting. Notably, the commercial has triggered controversy among people. The controversy lies in the issue of racial discrimination. The commercial which comprises of an image and text postulate that those black or people of Asian origin who do not participate in voting should leave the country. It is also biased since it assumes that people of African and Asian origin do not vote. Figure 1: Text and a picture of a black person with his face painted white in the commercial. Source: Lewisham News Shopper newspaper (2017). Reportedly, the commercial has triggered controversy among people of all races in the country. Blacks, whites, and Asians have reacted to the commercial differently. Particularly, most of the blacks and people of Asian origin have expressed their dissatisfaction with the commercial by saying that it is their freedom to decide whether to vote or not to vote. They have argued out that the commercial has threatened and hence violated their freedom as citizens (Operation

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