Discrimination and Prejudice

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Discrimination and prejudice as the major causes of inequality Date Table of Contents TOC o "1-3" h z u Introduction PAGEREF _Toc501121764 h 2Null and alternative hypothesis………………………………………………………………..3 Compare and analyze the literature3Data collection and techniques5Conclusion6References7 IntroductionInequalities among human beings are highly associated with discrimination and prejudice. This research is conducted to determine how discrimination and prejudice lead to racial, age and gender inequalities. It is so unfortunate that discrimination and prejudice have existed from the past and would probably be among us till the end of the world whereby a particular group of people is disadvantaged (Schmitt, Branscombe, Kobrynowicz, & Owen, 2002). Prejudice refers to the baseless and unjustified negative attitudes towards members of a specific group of the other members of the society. On the other hand, discrimination involves the actions that people take against other groups in society due to inequalities. However, discrimination and prejudice will always continue to affect the society negatively if prevention measures are not taken in advance. In fact, prejudice and discrimination are actions in which some people living in the society are mistreated because of their social class or category. Therefore, it is very crucial to conduct this research in the field of social psychology to understand how discrimination and prejudice affect people and come up with the best prevention measures. Frankly speaking, it is unfair to treat individuals based on their racial status, age, sex, religion and social class. Good

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