DISC Personality Test

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DISC Personality Test Name: Institutional Affiliation: DISC Personality Test Introduction The DISC Personality Test enables one to determine the kind of person he is in regards to the leadership skills that he has. An individual can establish some of the weaknesses that he has and as well, determine the adjustments that need to be done, (Jones, & Hartley, 2013). For the most part, people have varying skills that might depict the kind of leaders they can be. Some of the characteristics are innate while others are modifiable and can be learned from the environment through constant practice. Having undertaken the DISC Personality test and obtained the results, the paper aims to detail the findings. My DISC type In regards to my DISC personality type, I was able to determine that I am well responsive to challenges. I am also enthusiastic and realistic about the different difficulties that I handle. I also rely much on facts. As a result, I tend to lean on providing information that I can substantiate with credible sources. I am also self-sufficient. The case relates to the idea that I value being able to do different tasks by myself. I believe in being able to depend on myself to build my capacities much farther. I value my individuality and have faith in the internal strength that I have. I am also assertive, in that I can stand for what I believe in and be firm on it. I am also creative and rational in the way I interact with other people. What I learned about myself Despite the fact that I am already aware of most of the descriptions that were given from the DISC report, some of them came as a surprise to me. One of them is that I tend to be impatient

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