Diffusion of Responsibility

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Name: Instructor: Course: Date: Diffusion of Responsibility The article provides a significant overview of the people’s response to emergencies. It is an article that categorically outlines the critical reasons why bystanders take period to respond to emergencies. The news commentators, preachers, and scholars take a deliberate move to research the fundamental reasons as to why persons are conscious in undertaking intervention. The research is carried out basing on the situation of college institution setting (Darley et al 378). Moreover, the research entails comprehensive information of numerous cases in which bystanders are in a position to save the situation. The article further explains relevant theoretical approaches in the bystander intervention (Darley et al 378). The article postulates that whenever somebody is attacked, the expected response is that the bystanders will save the victim. It is widely expected that they will do anything just to ensure the person being assaulted is unharmed. That is why whenever the bystanders do not act towards it they are considered inhuman, and their action is negatively criticized. This was the case when a young girl was brutally attacked by somebody on the streets of New York in 1964.The young lady kept screaming so that people could save her but sadly no one turned up. They kept watching from their balconies. The case of bystanders’ reluctance is further disturbing as the lady is left at the hands of a dangerous attacker. The article introduces shocking revelation of slow and harmful action the attacker took inflicting pain and torturing the lady. Finally, there was a breakthrough and someone managed to call in

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