Dickens was a strong champion for children’s rights in a time when children were treated as property. Research and discuss some of the abuses of children during Victorian Times.

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Literature: Name of Student Name of Institution Charles Dicken highlights instances of child abuse in the Victorian Era including forced labor and sexual harassment in the society. Dickens' writings major on child labor and its effects on children. He argues that children below ten years encountered inhumane torture and death as they were forced to provide labor services in workhouses and factories (Dickens, 2016). Dickens believes that child labor ripped off the education, health, and lives of these children. Children were vulnerable and preferable as they provided cheap labor services and still worked for about 17 hours a day (Dickens, 2016). Unfortunately, most of these children were orphans or had undefined parentage. He also highlights instances of sexual abuse in the society. Mainly, the lower-class children suffered most as they had no power or authority over the middle and upper class. Charles uses examples of children who underwent these challenges including Louisa and Tom (Dickens, 2016). They were restricted from gaining authority and control of their actions by the wealthy and upper-class individuals. The children were required to do all their assigned work without questioning their feelings and thoughts. Most children dropped out of school and were forced into the mills and mines. They suffered a lot as they were mistreated and bitten mercilessly. Many children were disabled due to the cruelty and harsh punishments they received from the cruel masters. Massive poverty and increased urban population made the children defenseless (Dickens, 2016). They offered to work under these rough conditions to gain their daily bread and shelter. Dickens foresee

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