Developmental Difficulties

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Developmental Difficulties Name Institution Developmental Difficulties A well-intentioned, but meddling, a relative comes to visit the weekend before your child's first birthday, in April. She cautions you that you must be spoiling the child, because he hides behind your leg and clings to you when she tries to give him a hug, and he did not do this when she visited at New Years. How will you explain what is happening with your child? I would give an explanation that it has been a long time since the child saw her. Therefore, the reason she is clinging to me is that she does not see her regularly and may have forgotten her. The child is not ready to approach her and may even take time to get used to her again. Regarding Erickson’s developmental stages, the child is going through trust vs. mistrust stage. At this point, the child is uncertain about many things. To eliminate the feeling of uncertainty the infant clings to the primary caregiver for stability and continued care. More so, according to Erickson, children feel attached to specific people, and they handle life with a certain level of trust, their sense of trust is more intense with sensitive and loving caregivers (Newman, B. & Newman, P. 2017). If a child has a sense of mistrust towards someone, it results in heightened insecurity or even anxiety. Your three-year-old constantly drives you nuts with attention-seeking behaviours while you are on the phone. In this situation, the child is undergoing the autonomy vs. shame and doubt phase according to Erikson’s theory. In this stage, children learn to take control over their environment in order to get the type of results they want. Therefore, the

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