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Social History Student’s Name Institution Affiliation Date Social history Kate is a 42-year-old woman who is married with one daughter away in college. She is complaining of a severe depression that has lasted for at least 12 years starting with the death of her mother. The client appeared anxious and irritable with the manager during the interview as a result of her depression and unrest. She seems to have impaired occupational and social functioning that is accompanied by hypersomnia. The condition is discouraging to her such that she skips several working days in a month. According to the client, she has lost interest in participating in social activities as well as making good relationships with her friends. The current situation in her family makes her seem heartbroken. However, Kate should do something positive to restore her attitude so that she can live a comfortable life. Firstly, the client should seek for psychiatric and medical examination of her depression for at least six sessions. The advice should involve that involve individual advice regarding how she can personally persevere through the challenges. Through consultation and medical visits, Kate is unlikely to commit suicide. She will receive quality mentorship concerning how to withstand the problems (Assessment, 2008). Kate cannot readily stand for herself. She deserves external support from both her family and other well-wishers. Kate has several strengths and opportunities in her life. According to the client, she has an area to work and hence she can earn a living. However, the contradiction here is that Kate is not dedicated to cooperate fully in her job. Instead, he works because her

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