Describe a social problem using approximately 500words. Assuming you have the power and resources at your disposal, what would you recommend for intervention and or social change to address the social

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Student’s Name Professor’s Name Course Title Date Addressing Social Problems Child abandonment is an issue that has affected children since time immemorial although recent pressures from the demands of modern life have increased this problem by many folds. Abandonment is a form of child abuse, and the latter is any act action committed by another individual, whether a child or an adult, that causes substantial harm to a child. Abandonment leads to a lack of love, attention and care might contribute to abuse to a child. It has been established that neglect, irrespective of the form, is just as harmful to a child as physical abuse. When children experience abandonment, neglect the wounds pierce their soul and run much deeper than emotional scars. Such children are likely to suffer from frequent trauma, feeling of loneliness, anxiety, worthless, unlovable, and a complete opposite of what one would expect a child to feel. An abandoned child becomes broken, empty and bitter, with a possible emergence of mental problems. Abused children feel lonely, timid and skeptical, and these are often the automatic psychological impacts, which can translate to long-term negative effects, such as irredeemable self-esteem issues, depression, and the inability to establish healthy relationships (Nelson, Nathan and Charles 64). When the stress of parenthood is mixed with problems from other sources, and then parents who lack the skills of coping with the issues in a sound way shall simply disintegrate. In fact, their tempers shall always control their minds in times of crisis. Only a radical solution for the problem can have a far-reaching impact. The problem can be

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