Democratic State Party

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Name Instructor Course Date Democratic State Party Kentucky Democratic Party has created a home for Kentucky Democrats. Democratic Party has dominated the state for a long time. However, the recent elections provided few republicans replacing the Democrats. The party has enhanced unity and strength of the Democrats thus influencing the electorate in a positive way. The party is committed to serving the people and addressing the state’s issues based on the concepts outlined constitution. Through its leadership, the party has ensured that the conservative principles are implemented and working to elect Democrats at every level of the government. Discussion The party is committed to implementing constitutional policies; through its structural organization, it has been able to meet the Kentuckian needs. The party structure involves the member, Precinct Committee Officer, Legislative and county districts and the democratic national committee (Self 1). Governance is conducted according to the constitution of the US and Commonwealth of Kentucky. Citizens can join the party without discrimination. The party provides that the members should not be forced to vote in a particular way during elections. Instead, it allows the exercise of sovereign freedom of choice to its citizens (Ireland & Kentucky 4). The electorate often determines the leaders to elect, and it is a right exercised by every citizen in the state. The state of Kentucky share has some legal similarities with other states. For instance, West Virginia is a strong democratic state similar to Kentucky. Furthermore, the state is often split between the two parties of Republican and Democrats

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