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CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY – DELTA AIRLINES CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY – DELTA AIRLINES Corporate social responsibility is essential and should be encouraged in all organizations. This is because it is the only way that business can achieve sustainability. Environmental studies have demonstrated that the earth is not an infinite resource. Constant pollution has led to a level of degradation which prevents many of the natural processes to occur. As a result, airborne diseases are rising, clean water sources are depleted, and land is rapidly becoming agriculturally non-viable. Without the capability to produce food and access clean water, the earth is becoming inhospitable for the human race. All businesses exist to benefit humankind. (Rajak, 2011) If their existence contradicts this, it is of no use having them. For this reason, it is crucial that business ventures are run in a way that safeguards the environment which in turn ensures the sustainability of the human race. Current Delta Airlines CSR efforts have almost effectively covered all the three Ps of CSR. On environmental sustainability, Delta Airlines has carried out measures to reduce emissions, increase fuel efficiency, reduce water consumption and reduce waste generation. Additionally, the company has a transparent method of reporting Green House Gases produced and other wastes generated which paves the way for implementation of mitigation measures. ("ENVIRONMENTAL SUSTAINABILITY", 2016) In people, the company participates in social development projects and remunerates its employees competitively. (Shastri, 2014) It participates in educative measures the help individuals make progressive

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