Deconstruction Leadership

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Deconstruction Leadership Name of Student Name of Institution Abstract The idea(s) of deconstruction leadership has been explored in the films, "12 Angry Men" and "Dead Poets Society" directed by Sidney Lumet and Peter Weir, respectively. Davis and Mr. Keating are the protagonists of these films whose roles have been used to understand the idea(s) of leadership. The incorporation of leadership theories supports the films' idea(s) of destruction, and attempt to find loopholes and omissions in the same. There is an extrapolation of theories such as "The Great Man," "Behavioral Theories" and "Contingency Theories." Each one of them is represented in the films mainly due to the director's similarities in leadership portrayal. Furthermore, the inclusion of Aristotle supplements the analysis by looking into ethos, pathos, and logos as rhetorical strategies. His philosophical ideologies are precise; catering to both the leaders and their followers. Finally, there is a conclusion that wraps up the analysis by delving into strategic leadership and the role(s) of leadership in the workplace. Keywords: Leadership, Leadership Theories, Deconstruction Deconstruction Leadership Both "12 Angry Men" and "Dead Poets Society" are 20th-century films that extrapolate on the idea(s) of leadership. There is the need to, however, embark on deconstructing the portrayals of leadership in these two films. Focusing on deconstruction constituted by Jacques Derrida makes it easier for the audience(s) to decipher the text's omissions and loopholes. Deconstructing both films enlightens the audience(s) on the notion(s) that only specific characteristics augur effective leadership. "12

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