Decision making

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Decision-Making: Article Review Student’s Name: Institution: Abstract The topic of decision-making in companies is a crucial one. With the ever-changing business environment, organizations have been forced to analyze every move they make in a bid to come up with decisions that serve the interest of their organizations. In this sense, the process of decision making has become one of the most important aspects of the companies’ operations because it is through the decisions that their success is determined. Further, CEOs and managers in these organizations need not only the knowledge acquired in the academic institutions but also the skills acquired by the experiences they face in their daily interaction with other business members. In this regard, this paper critically analyzes two articles, Rosenzweig (2013) and You can’t be a wimp (2013). In the analysis, the paper summarizes the arguments made in each article, compares and contrasts the similarities and differences in the arguments, and connects the arguments with the theme- decision making. Keywords: Decision Making, Organizations, External Environment Introduction The contemporary business environment has been a constant change in the last decades. From the technological advancements to the ever-changing customer demands, it has become extremely challenging for the company executives to make decisions that will ensure the objectives of their organizations are achieved. In most cases, decisions are made by organizations with their relevance and perpetuity in mind. Focusing on the decision making processes in organizations and their effects, this paper focuses on two articles which

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