Deceptive History

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Deceptive History Educators endeavor to facilitate an environment that is all-inclusive for students since children need to feel embraced so that they are happy, improve their self-esteem and become confident contributors to the society. The essence of inclusiveness should be applied not only to the social domain but also teaching materials. Children’s literature that addresses the themes of social justice are a crucial part of learning materials. Unfortunately, social studies’ educators heavily depend on textbooks to present most of the information that children are anticipated to learn. The conventional history textbook is one significant instructional tool that most educators use. However, these books promote historical and cultural illiteracy as discussed in this paper. The tendency of history teachers to rely on history textbooks differs from the present trends in science and mathematics teaching where enhanced use of practical activities and case studies are common features of the learning process. Furthermore, contemporary textbooks have just started to change from presenting events thematically from chronologically. To understand history, such as the slave revolts, one must analyze the topic as a whole rather than study individual events that occurred within the setting of a calendar year. Hence, the educators who solely rely on textbooks in history lessons promote historical and cultural illiteracy In the book, Lies My Teacher Told Me, James Loewen (10) addresses the absence, misinterpretations, and grievances that exist in high school textbooks and the curriculum of the education system in America. Typically, students do not disagree the information that is

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