Dawn Murray v. Oceanside Unified School District

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Understanding the legal case in Murray V Oceanside Unified School District Name Institutional Affiliations: Introduction and a Brief Historical Background The determination of the legal case requires an accurate understanding of the plaintiff's positions and claims, as well as the position of the defendant. The ultimate value of the case is that justice should prevail for both parties in every case. The determination of a case, like in the employment case also requires an understanding of the legal statutes that helps supporting the case. In a place where the legal status exists, the presiding judge attempts to analyze similar cases and their determination based on the legal structures. It is only after a complete understanding of the case variables that a port judgment can be made. In the trial courts, the plaintiff or the defendant may not be fully satisfied with the outcome of the case and, thus, can seek jurisdiction in the higher courts to help in getting a different perception of the same. As long as the nature of the case is still under the confines of the court’s jurisdiction, the appeals judgment looks into the nature of the case, the claims, and the defenses then evaluate the outcome of the lower case and make a judgment on the direction of the case. If sufficient ground is identified to determine the case, the appeal judge may give his verdict on the case. However, the appeals judge, on the interpretation of the law may also feel that the trial courts made errors, and thus can reverse be the case to the lower court, and direct continuation, citing the legal clauses that need correction. The case is then redetermined by the trial court, with a

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