DateMorality and Heroism in Epic Mythology

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DateMorality and Heroism in Epic Mythology In the modern society, morality is a subjective matter. Individuals from different cultures, status and religion define good and evil very differently. As a result, the term has multiple derivatives that it is more often than not regarded as a private matter. The striking similarity regarding the definition of virtue in prominent literature is interesting. Among the most widely read mythologies in western literature are Odyssey, Gilgamesh, and Antigone. Throughout these classic texts, morality is uniformly a universal good, it is a necessary characteristic of leadership, and ultimately, it originates from a realm beyond the human. In popular mythology, morality is a universal good. This means that it benefits everyone, but at the same time, it implies that everyone has a matching definition of the concept. Odyssey, the most common of the three classics can be considered the most successful leader of the three. Since the beginning, he serves the people diligently, and therefore everyone loves him. It is evident that the Greek and the Mesopotamian communities exalt different qualities in a leader. While the Greek associate leadership with intellectual prowess, the Mesopotamian society emphasizes physical strength and beauty. However, even if Gilgamesh is respected and attributed leadership because of his might, his forceful actions are regarded as immoral. Gilgamesh carries out heinous atrocities against his subjects. He rapes the wives and daughters of his warriors. ("Epic Of Gilgamesh") As a result, the entire community pleads with the gods to convert him or rescue them from him. Despite the deferring accounts of attributes that

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