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Date Ethics Every working environment should have rules and regulations that govern them. These rules are geared towards creating favorable working conditions. They are geared towards setting the expected behavior and conduct that will ensure the smooth running of any firm. Standards and regulation promote workplace harmony and reduce unnecessary conflicts. Good set codes in a working environment provide that an awesome favorable atmosphere that respect the human rights. Good working ethics ensure that there is the consistent and equitable treatment of employees. All the staff should are entitled to fair treatment regardless of their position in the firm. Equitable treatment ensures that when employees are caught with misconduct they will face sound judgment and there are no biases. All sets of rule violation should be punished equally. There is no any a type of violation that is less punishable or worse than the other. In any drug-free working place when the rules are broken, the standards should be met. Drug-free zone mean that all drugs are prohibited from the environment, and no drug is less harmful than the other. However, some working environment is biased and only punishes the junior employees who are very wrong. When rules are set, they are meant to be enforced on the employees. Employees have a right to privacy in the working place. This right applies to the employee’s personal properties, including bags, storage lockers reachable only by the employee and the private emails addressed to the employee. All these things are found in the employee’s private space which may have personal information like pay slips. The personnel may also have confidentiality to

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