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Name: Professor’s Name: Course: Due date: Database SystemA script that does everything, the command script Select colum_ name “Name” Case when Nullible - ‘N’ Then ‘NOT NULL’ else null end) “NULL?” (Case when data_type = ‘DATE’ Then DATA _ type When data-type = ‘Numbers’ and data_scale > 0 Then data_ type II ‘(’ II data _ precision II ‘,’ II data_scale II ‘)’ When data_type = ‘Number’ and data_scale = 0 Then data_type = Number II ‘(’ II data_Precision II ’,’ When data_type = ‘VARCHAR2’ Then data_type II ’,’ II data length II’,’ From dba_tab_cols White table_name = ‘EMP’ Order by column_id We can issue some surplus commands to format the output SVL > column “Name”format a30; Column “Null ?” format a8; Column “Type” format a30; Now the output of your query will match up with the output of Ofscript command SVL > ed File a firdL. Buf 1. Select column_name “Name”, 2 ( case when Nullable = ‘N’ 3 then ‘ NOT NULL’ 4 else NULL 5 end) “NULL”, 6 (case when data_type = ‘DATE’ 7 then data_type 8 when data_type = ‘NUMBER’ and data_scale> 0 9 then data_typs II ‘(‘ II data_precision II ‘,’II data_scale II’,’ 10 when data type = ’NUMBER’ and data_scale = 0 11 then data_type II ’(’ II data_precision II’)’ 12 when data_type = ’VARACHAR2’ 13 when data_type II ‘(‘ data_length II ‘)’ 14 end ) “type” 15 from dba_tab_cols 16 white table_name = ‘EMP’ 17 order by column_id SVL > 1 Name NULL ? Type EmpNc NOT NULL NUMBER (4) ENAME VARCHAR2 (10) NAME NULL? Type MGR NUMBER

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