Data Research-Part 1

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Data Research Name Institutional Affiliation Date Data Research Apparently, due to increased file transfer solutions in business processes, businesses face major problems with employees using company assets for their entertainment such as online watching, social media use or irrelevant file sharing. This often leads to company's network to experience network downtime and cost implications associated with it. Other clients or workers using the same network experience a significant pain because of having a problem achieving network uptime. For this reason, companies need to implement a file transfer monitoring system to detect any irregular file transfers or transfer of files more extensive than the set limit. One of the best ways to ensure that business or company networks stay up to its speed is to monitor the system by using systems such as Microsoft System Centre. The software can control and detect users in the network using File Transfer Processes (FTP). This software provides industrial standards file transfer tools for file transfer management. With Windows Management Interface (WMI), IT professionals can apply standard processes for monitoring file transfers and detect large files being transferred, uploaded or downloaded. This FTP utility gives the administrator the liberty to observe all files in or out of the system and can be alerted in the event of data more significant than the set are detected (Quinn, 2017). This utility thus ensures that employees do not misuse the network by downloading or uploading large files hence reduce network downtime and all cost implications associated with it. Also, providing this solution, it will boost

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