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Name: Instructor: Subject: Date of submission: Data Visualisation Data Project Introduction Data visualization is an integral skill for researchers. Consequently, scholars should equip themselves with the skill in question because it could aid them to gain useful insights from datasets (Ginde, n.p.). It is notable that R is an open source software that could aid scholars in achieving such an objective. It is why the researcher investigated a dataset that was retrieved from the Michigan State University using R. This paper investigates the Taxi05 data set, which has distance, fare, call, minutes, and payment as the only variables. It is critical that some of the variables are quantitative while other variables are qualitative. Specifically, fare, distance, and minutes are quantitative variables while payment and call are qualitative variables. It is important to highlight that the researcher sought the help of three packages for examining the data under discussion. These packages include data.table, ggplot2, and lattice. The data.table package was used for reading data directly from the source. Analogously, the lattice and ggplot2 packages aided the researcher in creating the visualization from the data set. For instance, the researcher created a bar graph displaying the mode of payment used in the data set. From the graph in (see figure 1.), it is evident that card payments were slightly higher than cash payments. Figure SEQ Figure * ARABIC 1. A bar graph displaying the mode of payment for the Taxi05 data set A histogram for the distance variable was generated (see figure 2.). The histogram indicates that distance is skewed to the right and centered close

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