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THE RISE AND FALL OF DETROIT Name Address Date Abstract Detroit is considered as the motor hub of the United States of America. It is even called Motown. The city hubs the great motor industries. Examples included are General Motors, Ford and Chrysler. In the largest petition filed for bankruptcy in recorded US history, in 2013 the city filed for bankruptcy. This paper looks into the economic history of the great city of Detroit. It also takes a keen look at the factors that have led and are leading to the decline of the city. Some of the factors may include the economic decline of the major industries that held the city to its heights. In the year 2013, many of the motor industry companies filed for bankruptcy. The government had to be to bail the companies out of declaring total bankruptcy. Another reason may be due to the corruption and insecurity that has plagued the town. The issue of housing in the city is also looked into. Housing in Detroit is deplorable. There are very few, if any, well-conditioned houses. The municipal and its leadership are currently focusing on alleviating the current unemployment crisis and creating better policies. Detroit is by many names the hub of the American motor industry with giants like Ford, General Motors and, Chrysler. The city is also a manufacturing hub for other industries like the brewing industry. This city has been famed for that and much more. However, in the eve of 2013, the city plummeted to its knees and became among the largest metropolitan to file for bankruptcy in US history. With a debt of over 18.5 billion CITATION Web13 l 1033 (Weber, 2013) the city filed its first bankruptcy petition.

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