Data Analysis

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Data Analysis Student’s Name Institutional Affiliation Data Analysis Looking at the article, the purpose of the study was to “compare teachers’ perception of principal effectiveness” in the selected secondary schools. Therefore, with the aim of the research, it would be essential to collect data on various subjects that point to the general opinion of most of the teachers on the matter. Hence, descriptive statistics would be vital for the analysis of the collected information considering the research design and methodology in data collection. In this case, the researcher uses measures of central tendency including the mean to analyze the information. Therefore, since the nature of the research requires descriptive data, the use of the type of statistics seems appropriate for the study. The researcher’s choice of descriptive statistics may have been appropriate though there are also other factors to consider. However, it is vital to carefully evaluate the purpose of the study when choosing the type of descriptive statistics available. When teachers fill the questionnaire, the research should be able to show the similarity and differences in principals who are effective versus those who are not. Hence, the comparison may not be entirely effective if the analysis only focuses on measures of central tendency (Leedy & Ormrod, 2015). It is crucial to look into the fact that a measure of variation provides a notion of how well the mean corresponds to the data. As a result, it would build on the reliability of the research findings. In the case that there is a large variation of data, then there is a probability that the mean is not denoting the information

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