Dachau Concentration Camp

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Student Name Instructor’s Name Course Date The Dachau concentration camp and Nazi power Dachau is a name that will forever remain in the name of many Germans, Poles, Jews, and historians in general due to its association with Nazi atrocities. The Dachau concentration camp, previously, an ammunitions factory, was located in the Bavarian town of Dachau, about 15 km from Munich. The opening of the camp which was supposed to hold around 5,000 prisoners, was announced by the Munich chief of police, Heinrich Himmler as an alternative to prisons in March 1993 (Berben 20). It would help decongest the correctional facilities and get rid of criminals who would contaminate the society. However, the camp mainly housed political dissidents comprised of social democrats, trade unionists, communists, and deviant priests. It was later that the camp started holding ordinary criminals, Jews, Gypsies, prostitutes, and homosexuals. The camp to a large extent helped Hitler, and the Nazis maintain power as it was used to crush opposition, provided vessels to propel the Nazis’ interest, and was a training ground for ruthless SS personnel. The Dachau concentration camp played a great role in crushing and eliminating dissenting voices and opposition which served to make Hitler the most powerful and undisputed German leader at the time. Unlike other later camps, this had been specifically meant for dissidents and therefore had the largest number of people who were deemed to oppose the Nazi rule. Hitler had appointed Heinrich Himmler to oversee the camp system who appointed Theodor Eicke as camp commandant in June 1993 (Dillon 375). He set up some regulations that would govern the

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