Cyberbullying. How is social media changing the nature of cyberbully? How can we respond to cyberbullying? How can we make laws to govern it?

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Control of Cyberbullying Name Institutional Affiliation Control of Cyberbullying Cyberbullying lacks a universal definition owing to the missing conceptual clarity. However, of all the definitions devised, a common element as demonstrated by Wong-Lo and Bullock (2011) “it is the bullying that takes place in the digital medium or realm of the electronic texts.” These are the current methods of cyberbullying also known as the online bullying or the electronic bullying and all other types of bullying and harassment by use of technological means and social media sites such as Facebook, WhatsApp, Emails, picture messages, etc. The bullying takes many forms including denigration, cyberstalking, impersonation, flaming, falsified identity among others. The influx of technology has aided cyberbullying a great deal due to the anonymity associated with it. Teens engage in cyberbullying for various reasons, and the most common ones include prejudice and intolerance to disability, shame, envy, guilt, anger, justification of violence, pride, proactive aggression and anger (Jones et al., 2011). Bullying has changed with technology and has evolved to make use of the social media platforms to target vulnerable teens affecting them negatively. Offenders enjoy anonymity on the social media platforms by use of pseudonyms in user accounts which in turn gives the offender the freedom and morale to bully. This has drastically changed from the past where the teens were safe from abuse and pressures of peer judgment at their homes. Bullying just ended at schools or in the playing zones since the bully would never really follow them to their houses (Stanbrock, 2014). However, in sharp

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