Current Practices Related to the Use of Human Performance Improvement & Worker Engagement Tools

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Name Professor Course Date Current Practices Related to the Use of Human Performance Improvement and Worker Engagement Tools Work associated injuries may indeed prove to be very costly to the company's esteemed employees since it leads to loss of life or cause of permanent injury that leads disability plus also generating a lot of impacts on productivity. The costs mentioned here though monetary based entail the insurance compensation due to the either injury or loss of life Michael et al. Cases such as injuries tend to reduce the morale of workers plus also causing other personal problems or sufferings (Michael et al 58). A country such as the US in the year 2010, the injuries at workplaces resulted in deaths. Where many deaths occur in the workplace, the country loses productive labor thus in the end decline in its economic growth. Just from the past, the sector of industrial production, for example, the reduction in accident methodology or approach pays attention to the evaluation of lagging data like the sustainable rates of accidents. Within the field of economics, lagging means the already past events. Concerning that kind of data that lags behind, cases such as fatality or injury must take place before an organization takes action towards the handling of the factors that lead exposure towards the hazard (Michael et al 58). In consequence, the evaluation that happens is finally recorded down by the organization. In this regard, when making reports, the company then comes with ways that can lead to the prevention of the accident or injury in future. Right from the beginning, those methodologies that lead to the improvement in safety within an

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