Cumulative Portfolio and Self-Assessment

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Cumulative Portfolio and Self-Assessment Name Institution Cumulative Portfolio and Self-Assessment Abstract The course has allowed me to improve my reading analysis, research essay, oral presentation, and grammar skills. Firstly, my reading skills have allowed me to have a better appreciation for reading and comprehension, although I still have some way to go before developing acceptable literacy skills. Secondly, my research skills have allowed me to make better use of library resources. Thirdly, I have developed a better appreciation of oral presentation and the position it plays in improving learning and communication. Finally, my grammar skills have improved allowing me to coherently and cogently present ideas. In this case, the course has been a learning experience. Still, it is evident that the acquired skills are only middling in nature, with additional skills required to facilitate the acquisition of more skills to facilitate the education experience and prepare me for the competitive and increasingly globalized job market. I anticipate that the continued attendance of the course will improve my skills thereby meeting my education needs. Part A: Cumulative Portfolio Reading analysis My reading skills have improved significantly over the duration of the course. In this case, I have developed faster reading skills to include assessing passages to determine key points. For that matter, I feel that I can now tackle more challenging units that would require good reading skills, In addition, I feel that I do not require tuition on reading skills since the course has been more than adequate in that regard. In fact, it has allowed me to master the basics of

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