Cultural sensitivity and health care

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English 101 Cultural Sensitivity and Health Care Essay Comparing and Contrasting Chinese and Spanish Culture on Health Care Name Institution Abstract Every culture in the world has certain ways of handling sicknesses that attack their members, from the causes, treatment, and cure. It is human nature to seek out the elements that will be able to restore our health. This study will look at the practices, beliefs, and values held by the Chinese and the Spanish people on the subject of health care, comparing and contrasting how these two cultures view health care services both in the traditional and modern treatment methods, and their perception of health care facilities and providers. The cultures cover a lot of elements in terms of healthcare interventions both from a traditional viewpoint and integrated one. Since the topic of culture is wide, this study will concentrate on only three elements: family life and members’ role in handling health, the role of religion and spiritualism, and diagnosis and treatment. The study is arranged in three parts, the introduction, body of the study and conclusion. Keywords: culture, family life religion, diagnosis and treatment. Comparing and Contrasting Chinese and Spanish Health Care Introduction The beliefs held by patients and their families have a big impact on any clinical care that the patient receives in a health care center. The culturally held beliefs may prevent, delay, or complicate medical care given to a sick person. And since every culture has its own understanding on the causes, treatment procedures, and healthcare providers; it is important for healthcare providers to understand these widely held beliefs

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