Cultural communication in business context

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Name Instructor Course Date Intercultural Communications Studying Cultures Cultural Summary of Personal Space and Social Behavior India has a complex combination of old and new customs. Besides modern and conservative philosophies, Indian culture is at times a mix of Asian and Western cultures. In spite of the complicated culture of the country, there are some unique aspects that Westerners from countries such as the US need to understand to conduct successful businesses in India. With a special focus on personal space, Indian have minimal objections to cuddly and walking hand in hand behavior. However, men and women do not touch each other in public (Goel and Ramesh 48). There is so much friendly backslapping in the workplace and superiors often pat their subordinates on the shoulders. Similar to the US, a handshake is a common practice in India. It is essential for foreigners to master the country’s traditional greeting, Namaste. By acknowledging Namaste, foreigners imply a mutual divine essence with Indian people. Indians are extremely curious and like exchanging outlooks even with complete foreigners. All their meetings begin with small conversations. Westerners who want to venture into the country should be prepared to hear locals discuss matters that would be considered as an invasion of privacy in their home countries. What is more, Indians do not say NO directly (Goel and Ramesh 49). Foreigners should be able to recognize when they are objecting without necessarily using this term expect for divisive issues. Indians take great pride in their rich history and appreciate intelligent conversations characterized by mutual respect. Foreigners should avoid

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