Cultural assessment ( Indian culture)

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Name Professor’s Name Course Date Cultural Assessment (Indian Culture) Cultures have been in existence since the ancient times and have been passed on from one generation to another to ensure its continuity. They define the manner in which individuals in a certain community interact and live like determining the mode of dressing, type of food, the worshipping ways, the art and many more things. The assessment of the various cultures presents in the world aids in having a comprehensive understanding of them. The Indian culture, for instance, collectively incorporates the multiplicity of diverse and exceptional cultures of all faiths and societies found in India. It has elements such as the Indian cuisine, religious conviction, and philosophy that have greatly affected the world. The Indian culture assessment involves looking at the various transcultural practices like language, religion and the practices, end-of-life practices and dietary preferences. Additionally, it also evaluates the health care behaviors such as the nontraditional therapies, the challenges and the outcomes that arise from the health care behaviors. An evidence-based will be generated that involves Information Technology (IT) systems on the various ways to improve the healthcare outcomes and access to medical care. Indian Culture Various cultures have different ways of communicating as well as the languages. The Indian culture is majorly comprised of two main languages, English and Hindi that are extensively utilized. Nevertheless, it also has roughly 21 more languages that are documented in the Indian Constitution. Popular languages comprise of Assamese, Bengali, Punjabi, Urdu, Kannada,

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