Critical Thinking Case Study Revision

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Critical Thinking Case Study Student’s Name Institution’s Name Critical Thinking Case Study The mentioned friend has a problem with missing classes and not wanting to explain why he skips lessons and comes late to work. The underlying problem that results in jumping off classes and getting late to work is as a consequence of alleged heavy drinking. Given the previous history of the friend, he used to drink socially, attend all classes, and come to work earlier; something must be underlying the heavy drinking. The problem that needs attention is to understand the cause of heavy drinking. However, untamed alcoholism is also a problem, but it does not attract immediate attention as it only appears to be a symptom of something else. Social drinking is acceptable, but excessive alcohol derails one from the compass of life. People do not just decide to drink silly without any reason. There must have existed something that triggered heavy drinking; in finding a solution, the cause must get identified. Sometimes drinking alcohol is just an effect of some underlying problem. Treating symptoms does not equal disease curing. It is proper to first determine the role of alcohol in the life of the friend, is it the problem or a consequence of a problem (Cottrell, 2017). Given the hostility projected by the friend, the solution to his troubles cannot come from him but those close to him. Since actions are limited in such a situation, it would be proper to remind the friend of what he is missing out at school and work. However much he may have detached himself from work and studies, there is still some attachment. In some other way, outlining the consequences of getting

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