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Name Instructor Course Date Critical Thinking Founded in 1996 and operating seven community and surgical hospitals in the southwest United States, Cirrus Health is among the few “investor-owned hospital companies.” Globalization is a phenomenon that has taken root in almost all aspect of the world dynamics today. Almost all aspects of our lives have been affected by this component. It is indeed an inevitable topic due to the way in which globalization continues to shape our lives. Today, the world is increasingly being referred to as a global village based on the way in which the world borders have been bridged. The world is constantly moving towards the adoption of principles that are uniform across all nations. Healthcare has not been an exception. For many decades, it had been thought that healthcare is among the industries that are immune to globalization. However, current trends seem to have proved us wrong. Almost all dimensions of healthcare are slowly incorporating an aspect of globalization (MacLachlan 6). With this happening, there have arisen numerous arguments on the implication of globalization in medicine. This paper looks to propose an organizational and functional framework for Cirrus Health to be a multinational company. While some people support globalization in medicine due to the reduction of treatment costs, critics have consistently raised concern over the possible far-reaching negative consequences of globalization in healthcare. Multinational corporations, small ones, in particular, face more challenges regarding organizational structure than those that operate in only single national markets like Cirrus Health. The companies need

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