Critical Analysis of Houses of Healing by Robin Casajian

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Criminal Justice Student’s Name Institutional Affiliation Date Critical Analysis of Houses of Healing by Robin Casajian House of Healing is an encouragement to prisoners that provides a formula for behavioral change, respect, and dignity for inmates and reformed offenders. According to the author of House of Healing, prison life can result in a good payoff is inmates use their time wisely. The inmates are taught how to develop deep insight and mental calmness while in prison to gain skills and balance their life in prison and after release. Even for prisoners who are serving life sentences, the state of mind is the most important thing to improve because it determines how prisoners feel and how they are prepared to deal with the daily life in prison (Casarjian, 1996). A critical analysis of the House of Healing helps in knowing important counseling ideas that can be used to encourage and rehabilitate prisoners as they serve their sentences and as they are received back to the community. Stress management techniques are one of the most important ideas for inmates because they encourage them to accept their new way of life and use the opportunity to advance in careers rather than losing hope in their future life. Stress management offers the inmates a comfortable mindset that helps them to deal with anger and frustration. It is true that some people find themselves in prisons through unjust means and this makes them develop a long-term ager about the judicial system. Stress management for inmates is said to be the most common problem in prisons and makes it difficult for inmates to reform. Stressed inmates often fail to understand the reason for being in

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