criminal psychology

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Criminal Psychology Student’s Name: Institution: Criminal Psychology Summary A terrorist attack occurred at an event to orient new employees. One of the current employees, Terik, had been invited to talk at the event. On the day of orientation, Terik made his short presentation and left early. He left a backpack on top of a table at the event. Terik is a US citizen born in 1980; however, his parents immigrated from Pakistan. His father used to physically and verbally abuse his mother in his presence. As a child, he had few friends, and his schoolmates describe him as an awkward and shy person. His coworkers describe him as a quiet and awkward in social situations. He is described as clumsy and poor at sports by a childhood friend. The friend mentions that Terik wanted to join the military and that he thought of himself as a patriot with several American flags in his room. A childhood friend to Terik, though not sure, mentions that when Terik was 15, he traveled to England with his father and he got sick. A social worker says Terik had difficulty in adjusting to a new environment. The worker explains that Terik was not able to serve in the military due to a medical condition, guessing it was a breathing problem. Terik had no criminal record and was never listed in any terrorist screening database. Terik met Lori online, and since then they have been committed to each other even before meeting in person. They communicated online through direct private messages. They shared a common interest in martyrdom and jihadism. In his profile, Terik mentioned regular target practice as a hobby. At work, he always mentioned how Islam is a peaceful religion. The attackers

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