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Name of Student Name of Instructor Course Code Date of Submission An Episode of War An “Episode of war” is a naturistic story told by nature itself about a young peon. It shows how nature is unfair to human beings (Crane, 50). A peon was sitting patiently while splitting coffee into proportions for his fellow army officers. As he was dividing, there was a strange bullet that was shot from an unknown direction. The bullet accidentally hit the peon on his right arm, and the arm was badly injured. The peon was experiencing much pain in his injured arm. As a way to help himself from this painful situation, he seized his sword by the left hand. He wanted to put the sword into the sheath. However, he could not hold the sword well because of the much pains he was experiencing (Crane, 75). The older army, much respect, took the sword gently and put it into the sheath. The peon veered backward, attentive not to touch the army officer. Holding his right arm that had been wounded using the left hand, the peon made a decision and began to walk slowly. He was walking slowly to the medical tent. He walks and crosses the battle line. At this moment in time, he is just like a spectator in the war. The peon becomes a witness of the things that he had never seen before for his lifetime. He keenly hears sounds of war. The peon could hear sounds made by hooves of horses in war, the soldiers shouting and making blame games at each other, others were encouraging each other, wheels of war chariots and also gun sounds. These events brought much fear to the peon. The peon was still walking. Some unknown people to the peon came out from the woodland. This was a great relieve to the

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