Creation of a Responsive Supply Chain

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Creation of a Responsive Supply Chain Name Institutional Affiliation Creation of a Responsive Supply Chain In simple terms, responsiveness is a situation where purposefully, within an appropriate time framework, a supply chain creates a platform aimed at satisfying customers’ needs, and in an overall perspective, generates a business profit. Subsequently, a supply chain can be deemed efficient if, its focus is on zero wastage of resources, especially on activities that are of no value. Moreover, it can be efficient in cost reduction (Christopher, 2016). In a global complexity, what then entails the creation of a responsive supply chain? Piece by piece, responsive supply chain will explore the dynamics of customers’ preference and needs. In addition, it should incorporate an element that establishes flexibility in a situation where a firm increases on its access to customers’ information. The information should not only be real but also current. Agreeable, there is a need for a firm to become more of customer-Centric by simply deploying a postponement strategy. Volume, mix, delivery services, and product are the main types of responsiveness, with each exhibiting a vast level of responsiveness. Furthermore, agility is a strategy aimed at increasing long-term profitability and customers’ bases through agile demand planning. In subsequent, it helps to be unique by simply differentiating its products from those of her competitors (Ross, 2013). Additionally, it increases the customers’ value as it focuses on market responsiveness by, offering products at the right time through Point-of-Sales information. A responsive supply chain also reduces risk by,

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