Court jurisduiction

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Jurisdiction Name: Institution affiliation: Subject Matter Jurisdiction and Personal Jurisdiction The subject matter jurisdiction is where a lower court has been given authority to hear and determine a case on a given subject, and this is usually very clear. On the other hand, personal jurisdiction is where a lower court has got authority power over the accused person, and this is difficult to determine. The Requirements of Personal Jurisdiction The presence of a defendant: The defendant needs to be adequately served with the sermons by the plaintiff while physically present in the state. That means that the federal court in that particular state is given authority over the defendant who was served. The place of business or domicile: Residing or having a business in a given state gives the federal courts in that state jurisdiction over a person. That means that if the incident one is accused of took place in another country or another state; one can still be sued in the state where he/she resides or has established a business. The consent of the defendant: One can consent to a court to have personal jurisdiction over him. Consent comes in two forms that are implied consent and expresses consent. Express consent is granted by willingly appearing in the court and allowing courts to have authority over you while implied consent is granted by an individual's actions, facts, and circumstances of a given incident. The minimum contacts: A federal court can have personal jurisdiction over an individual if the individual maintains certain minimum contacts. Types of Personal Jurisdiction In Personam Jurisdiction: This is where a federal court is having a personal

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