Correctional Corruption Scandals

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Correctional Corruption Scandals In Americans prison, corruption is observed to occur in various forms. Correction officers are practical to accept sexual favors or bribes to enable smuggling of drugs, weapons, cell phones and other benefits to inmates. Investigations reveal that some high officials are involved in implications of ‘pay to play’ schemes with some private prisons. There have been several cases of correctional corruption cases in the recent past in prisons. For instance, there was an FBI operational ghost guard in Georgia (Inderbitzin, n.p). It was initiated in the year 2014 after a cell-phone that had been smuggled made it easy for a prisoner serving life sentence to run a murder and kidnapping scheme easily. Moreover, after investigations, it was revealed that the guards were paid $ 550 to around $1050 per every smuggled phone. In Los Angeles County, an FBI investigation conducted revealed several corruption scandals in California. They used an inmate to gather information on alleged corrupt and abusive deputies at the Men’s Central Jail. The Sheriff’s were able to discover in time about the probe and planned for a scheme to derail the jail investigation. Eleven officials were convicted for such actions of interfering with investigations that included the Los Angeles undersheriff and county Sherriff.The reasons for such scandals involved in prison are due to low hiring standards and low pay (Vivian, et al., 24). For instance, many New York States officers are trained for only 200 hours formally before working in prison. Many correction officers agree on the corruption scandals which they say are influenced by unfulfilled promises of the increase

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