Corporate Goals

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Introduction The main problems detailed at Ritz Carlton are the lack of measures to definitely realize the organization's core vision, mission, and values. Therefore, to rectify this situation is prudent to identify goals that would allow for the rectification of this situation. Each goal would require an implementation of a strategy or the implementation of different strategies in order to reach the desired goal. Goals Leadership Development The first strategy here is to implement development plans that would include the training of the different leaders at the organization. This strategy coincides with the second strategy to develop a leadership center (Chui et al., 2014). The center would focus on the different issues faced by the leaders at Ritz. The third strategy would be the implementation of job assignments that are developmental. These would grow the individual leaders as they would have the skills needed for future leadership. Strategic Planning Strategic planning can be achieved by using the strategy of basing the plan on factual objectives. This strategy ensures that the goals to be implemented are realistic. The other strategy would be the identification of key processes, also based on facts. Key processes would make or break the organization, therefore making it essential to identify them based on facts (Cady, Wheeler, DeWolf, & Brodke, 2011). The subdivision of objectives is a strategy that makes the realization of this goal much easier. It makes the realization of this goal gradual and definite. Focusing on Customer and Market The first strategy would be to implement a market research that targets the quality of hotel operations with regards to

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