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COPM Student’s Name Institutional Affiliation Date Chapter 1 Examples: Write down your observations and your reflections on the videos shown. The videos prove how the occupational therapy is so crucial. Joe has gotten enough support from his OT. Furthermore, it is because of his effort as a client that has made him pull through his earlier situation. Harry's case is an example of a situation that demands that the OT be good in listening skills and should be patient with the client. Joan's situation also requires a lot of skills so that he can be assisted well. All the Occupational teachers have displayed a well understanding of their profession; listening to the client. Chapter 1 Quiz What is the COPM?(2pt) Canadian Operational Performance Measure (COPM) is a program that emphasizes on an individual’s challenges in performing the daily tasks related to his/her occupation. The outcome of each is measured by means an interview that is semi-structured to recognize the difficulties in the professional presentation of a person. What are the theoretical underpinnings of the COPM?(2pts) The COPM has a central interest in the client’s occupation. The COPM initiates the partnership between the client and the therapist. The client is the one coming up with issues in his profession that are challenging to him then the therapist focuses on the client's ability to perform in the available crucial occupations in his/her environment. How is the information gathered using the COPM?(2pts) About the collection of data, the interview skills of the therapist matter a lot. This is because the COPM is administered through the semi-structured kind of interview. How is

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