Cooperation Communication Strategies for Extending Wireless Sensor Network Lifetime

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Cooperation Communication Strategies for Extending Wireless Sensor Network Lifetime Lama Alhusaini Abstract—Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) is a system composed of numerous sensor bulges which are communicated by transmitting and relaying packets. These nodes are capable of sensing information, dispensing data and communicating wirelessly. Conversely, these nodes have limited battery capacities. The communication between these nodes is one of the major factors that cause the energy indulgence of the nodes. To overcome this problem, many routing methods have been suggested in important study work for refining the energy efficacy. Among these routing methods is cooperative communication between sensor nodes. The results of the researches showed that the cooperative packet forwarding strategies can minimize sensor nodes energy consumption and maximize the data collection rate, and thus extend network lifetime of WSN. This paper discusses the cooperation communication strategies and the parameters that affect cooperation on WSN lifetimes such as quantity of domains, network area, network topology, and base station (BS) deployment. Introduction WSNs have many diverse applications ranging from data monitoring to real-time industrial applications as in . WSNs can be deployed in the harsh environment such as forests, volcanoes, and deserts to monitor physical phenomena. Recently, as in it becomes more common that multiple overlapping WSNs, owned by different authorities, have been constructed within the same physical location and their sensors nodes cooperate with other networks. In such situation, the lifetime of each network is expected to be extended by

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