Convincing to break bad habits

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Student name Institution Course Date In life, everyone has at least one bad habit. These bad habits might be habitual. The best way is controlling them. This is because, if one knows how to change the bad habits, then there are many chances of creating significant changes in life. There are various ways which are used in convincing one to stop the bad habits in life. The habit of spending more than what you can earn is harmful to the financial status of an individual. It is important for an individual to minimize the amount of money spend in a day. When an individual spends more than what he earns, it is harmful to his or her financial health since it can cause the financial crisis in life. Fewer people pay attention to this habit because it seems harmless (Sered & Maureen). However, in the long term, it can easily interfere with your life happier and can also affect your health. One of the common habits which damage our emotional health is that we are our critics. In life, we tend to demoralize ourselves when we fail to achieve some life goals when such happens; we tend to have many unrealistic expectations which regard tour goals. In this case, it does not intending to convince individuals to lower their life expectations but to have realistic expectations. It is not to be very hard to yourself when you fail somewhere in life. Failure is the best teacher who controls an individual. Therefore, it is important to learn from our past mistakes and correct our behaviors. Learn to be positive, work hard, and it will be easy for you to accomplish your set goals. Another bad habit is ignoring your bills. Some people have a habit of ignoring or failing to

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