Control Function Analysis: Research WorkSheet

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Change Management Name Institutional Affiliation Introduction Change management deals with how an organization can integrate change without damaging its culture and efficiency. It knows what to change in an organization and managing the human element in the course of evolution. Introduction of change in an organization provokes resistance from employees (Vanthoumout, 2014). This opposition often comes from fear. Employees may have a fear of change of the work itself or even the process of completing work. In some cases, employees fear that they may lose the job. Change management ensures smooth transitions. It focuses on new and upcoming approaches and existing techniques (Nolan, 2012). For example, in the field of medicine, new products help in improving the health of patients or even saving their life. The most challenging task leaders face in an organization is implementing changes. Leaders are always in a tough task of managing the organization’s resources in line with the difference. Study of change management is essential in stretching the leaders’ transitions skills. This paper seeks to explain how change management can help retain or promote employees’ loyalty by motivating them, monitoring their performance through control function and communicating to them change process at both strategic and tactical level. Motivating Individuals to Stay Engaged Meaning from Professional Perspective Employee’s motivation plays an important role in implementing change in an organization. It is vital if the difference comes after a long time. From a professional perspective, employees can be empowered to change even at the worst conditions, if leadership

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