Contrast of the Media Article and Journal

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Contrast of the Media Article and Journal Student’s Name Institution Comparison/Contrast of the Media Article and Journal The effects of moderate alcohol have been associated with different actions. The effect could enhance performance while in other cases, it reduces an individual’s ability to think appropriately. The media article and the Journal provide different attempts to test on mechanisms underlying such changes. Individuals have been tested based on their cognitive skills, the test aim at determining cognitive changes that result from mild alcohol consumption. Summary of the Study Described in the Articles. The media articles often outline misleading information on different dynamic issues. The tests conducted by the media and journal article provide similar conclusions that match with their headings. The media articles have described study that explains the relevance of its title and briefly describes the tests on effects of alcohol consumption on one’s creative thinking. Both articles conduct similar test, but the variance is noted in the media article where it misrepresented details of the measurement. The participants involved in the studies have similar encounter thus providing an effective judgment on the effects of mild alcohol consumption. However, the results provided from journal shows that participants with health complication were isolated from the test (Jarosz, Colflesh, & Wiley, 2012). Differences in how they Reported Findings The media article outlined its findings appropriately. However, it has failed to prove that different limitations such as health complications can have adverse effects on the tests. Alcohol intoxication

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