Contractor Performance From Award to conclusion

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Contract Performance from Award to Conclusion Student Name: Institutional Affiliation: Date: Just as consumers usually want quality products and services, so does the government. For this reason, whenever the government purchases a product from any company, the company is typically subjected to a very rigorous standard of quality, which the company is often required to meet. For instance, the federal government usually expects the contractors to meet the comprehensive quality requirements whenever the product required is complex, and this is because such products require complex measurement and testing so as to determine whether the product abides by the contract requirements (Keyes, 2003). The type and level of quality of standard that a company may be necessary to meet may depend on the kind of service or products that are being purchased. For example, an exhaustive quality stipulation would probably not be imposed if the company is producing non-complex products, since simple tests or measurements, may not be able to determine whether it abides by the contract regulations (Keyes, 2003). For a company to assure the government and other prospective customers that the firm will deliver quality goods or services, the company has an obligation to come up with a well-documented program for quality assurance. In this case, the program should contain a systematic approach that will be used for evaluation, calibration, testing, inspection or the object that needs monitoring and assure the product quality. In order for the government to encourage a performing contractor and ensure that the contractor can comply with the contract requirements when working on a

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