Continent on the Move:Mexico

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Name Instructor Course Date Continent on the Move: Mexico The Conquest of Aztec The Spanish, under the leadership of Hernan Cortes, conquered Aztec Empire in 1521. The Spanish wanted Gold. Therefore, after Moctezuma (Aztec emperor) welcomed him, Cortes took advantage of the prevailing political differences within the Aztec Empire. He learned that several city-states detested the Aztec’s domination of the region and wanted freedom (Hassig, 24). Thus, he allied with them using force and trickery. Cortes also rallied other communities, such as Tlaxcalans and Cholulas, against Aztecs, leading to the killing of Moctezuma. Moctezuma’s death was the beginning of Aztecs conquest. The Spanish weapons were superior to the Aztecs’ weapons, and this helped them subdue Aztecs easily. Aztecs feared the Spaniards’ big horses. They had never seen such huge animals. Spaniards also came with strange diseases, such as smallpox, which killed and weakened many Mexican civilians and soldiers. Consequently, in 1521, Aztecs admitted defeat. Aztec, the once powerful empire came to a dead end. Aztec’s Social Structure The Empire was the highest Aztecs’ social hierarchy. The emperor attended to trade, warfare, tribute, and the law of the land. Below the emperor were the nobles. Nobles were government officials, such as judges and tax collectors. Their primary role was to help the emperor run the government. All noble positions were heredity. Warriors and priests were the next in level after the emperor and nobles (Winn 236). Warriors protected the society from enemies. Priests, on the other hand, led religious activities. Aztecs revered many gods. Priests offered human

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